we are leading manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in tungsten carbide minging products

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we are leading manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in tungsten carbide minging products

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Company Profile

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co.,Ltd.has more than 20 years manufacturing experience. We engaged in all kinds of tungsten carbide inserts, such as Parabolic inserts, Spherical inserts, Conical inserts, Wedged inserts, Spoon inserts, Flattop inserts, Road milling picks inserts and so on. Our products are widely applied in DTH bits, Rolling cutter bits, Cold milling picks,Threaded drill bits, Cylindrical bits etc. 

We have rich scientific research and production experience, we produce high quality mining carbide inserts/buttons by using high quality carbide raw material, utilizing advanced craft technology and imposing strict quality inspection.We have professional R&D team which can research cost-effective products, and for different kinds of rocks we built our physical mechanical analysis database. We can provide targeted grade according to different rocks, catering to various customization demands in different market. We didn"t get any complaint from customer in last 6 years,with strong package and high efficiency logistics system, we can satisfy our clients around the world.

We have passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and the “Jetvision” brand has been recognized as a famous trademark in Hunan Province. Our products also have been sold to many overseas countries and areas including North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East etc.

why choose us

  • Raw materials

    Tungsten carbide is produced from carbrised tungsten powder and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest known materials, but it is also brittle. Combining it with soft cobalt produces a material which is very hard and resistant to wear and which can withstand extreme impact loads.
  • Top quality

    We use only first rate raw materials in order to guarantee the best sintering ability. We purchase most of our tungsten carbide powder and cobalt from Europe. These expensive, but high-quality materials form the basis for the top-class quality of our tools.
  • Comprehensive

    The composition of the tungsten carbide is always tailored to the application. This ensures the necessary toughness with good resistance to wear.
  • The right mixture

    Raw materials are blended and wet milled based on the desired carbide quality. Free-flowing carbide powder is produced within the hot gas stream of the spraying tower.
  • Monitored pressing

    When carbide powder is pressed into forms – producing so-called green bodies – it achieves approx. 50% of its final density.
  • HIP Sintering

    Sintering in Sinter-HIP systems provides the carbide with its outstanding qualities. Precise process management, which requires specialist knowledge and lots of experience, determines the quality of the carbide.

Company Culture

We are dedicated to our work, focus on achieving technical excellence and qualified products. We insist on long-term stability, quick response, sustainable relationships, and an unwavering commitment to quality, service and innovation. We assist our customers to get required carbide mining inserts , offer the best pricing, increasing their products" quality, and securing the most reliable deliveries.
  • Company Mission

    To promote "Made In China".
  • Company Vision

    To become the most competitive supplier of industrial materials in Hunan.
  • Company core values

    Customer first, Growth together, To be excellent.
  • Company management philosophy

    The system manage staff, The process manage all things, performance-oriented.
  • Company business philosophy

    Overall every control and clear

Our Team

  • Our CEO

    Mr.Xu worked as vice president in Valin group with over 30 years. He has rich and professional experience in material business, he has established the good business relationship with many famous domestic tungsten carbide powder manufacturers and also have the long turn partnership with wide range of the cemented carbide products.
  • Production team

    We continue to improve our working efficiency, improve the equipment performance, optimize production processes,and encourage the potential of employees. We assumed every production problem with a sense of responsibility, and paid close attention to every production process of the product.
  • R&D team

    We have professional R&D team which can research cost-effective products, and for different kinds of rocks we built our physical mechanical analysis database. Our R&D director with 25 years technical experience, very good at  tungsten carbide alloy processing and development, development process formulation, process technology formulation, process improvement. 
  • Sales team

    20 years experience of domestic market selling experience and 15 years overseas sales experience, We always take the service spirit “customer comes first”
    We do our service is a kind of persistence but also a kind of responsibility.
  • QC Team

    We always consider quality as the first priority, quality is the root of enterprise continuous development. We have a professional QC team to monitor/test every carbide parts we built.  We have sets of  advanced testing equipment and standard testing methods to test and record, which can ensure the quality well for every parts we sold.

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